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The ultimate guide to your purchase

Do you have back pain and are considering investing in spas? Great idea, the hydromassage jets propelling air and water will only relieve you! How to choose your spa bath? Price, size, shape, options, the choice may be difficult, so follow the guide!

Balneotherapy at home is a luxury that is becoming more and more accessible. No need to go away for a cure away from home, the balneotherapy is becoming more democratic to invite itself into our bathrooms. Hot water propelled in massaging jets is formidably effective in relieving tension and soothing your mind after a hard day's work! Discover now the price of this equipment and all our advice on how to choose it!

Price of a spa: between 600 and 10,000 dollars

Like many elements of the house or the bathroom, the first criterion of choice for a spa bath is the allocated budget. But beware, you can imagine that a cheap whirlpool bath for less than 2,000 euros has a much shorter lifespan. This purchase must therefore be carefully considered beforehand, especially since you must also include the cost of its installation

Choose the right shape

This criterion depends on the available space and the configuration of your bathroom.

Large bathroom: If you have a large room, choose a classic, rectangular shape, and why a whirlpool with several places.
Small bathroom: Better to opt for a corner or asymmetrical bathtub. These shapes will be perfect to save space.


Think about the right size It all depends on the shape of your bathtub but also on your habits. If you go for a rectangular shape, you have room. Depending on the number of inhabitants in the house and if you like to take romantic baths, choose a large spa. If you can't stand sharing this moment of relaxation, then the standard size will be more than enough.

Bath and shower

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