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Tropicspa and pampering yourself !

We wish welcome to our website where wellness is the watchword. We specialize in body care and every detail will be taken into account. It goes without saying that our services will be targeted to all and the level of stress to evacuate, we will use our expertise. On our website, you can easily find services that will delight you as well so that your body is relaxed and revitalized.

Basic and specific services

As a professional in the well-being, we will ensure all types of work in this area. Basic services to the specific services will be offered so that your body and your mind will be peace and free of stress. They will talk of Sauna, Hammam, jacuzzi bathtubs or various massages. Obviously, the most recurrent facing these is the massage with hot stones. Only specific services from other cultures are also on offer. You will be able to care préconniser from China plaguing the area of ​​welfare for 5 000 years. Of course, shiatsu massage will also await you coming directly from Japan. With this practical hands, elbows, wrists, knees, legs and feet will be used to massage the body to stress is discharged effectively.

Exchanges for great service

We have designed this site so that everyone can claim to be a good unparalleled. Our site will display so all that concern our services to become familiar with the most recent. Of course, full details of all our practices will be available on our website. As professionals, we will wait for you while ensuring a single result. Of course, you will be able to exchange with us to clarify important points about our services or our services. A courteous and professional staff will be behind the screen to ensure an appropriate response to any questions you have. Of course, a standard shall be given you so that you can share with us directly if necessary.

Bath and shower

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