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You deserve better than a rushed massage by a rookie therapist in a place that makes you feel more stressed than when you came in and that is why today’s top spas are embracing innovation: introducing all kinds of features to create an amazing experience. As equipment and technology continue to evolve, you should take a look at these spa inventions that could benefit your establishment

Sensory showers

Showers used to be for a quick rinse post-sauna. Now they’ve transformed – to become the star attraction. Today’s ‘sensory showers’ offer a wealth of settings. Advanced equipment can replicate everything from gentle mist to the heaviest thunderstorm. Many showers also offer zonal massage jets – but water intensity is only part of the story. You can now opt for light called chromotherapy and sound effects to enhance the whole experience. Want to shower in a tropical rainforest? With a sensory shower, you can step straight into the Amazon.

Aromatherapy shower systems

Taking the sensory shower one step further, are special micro-nebulization’ systems. These mix essential oils with the water to further stimulate the senses. These scent infusions add an extra dimension, subtly reinvigorating and offering head-to-toe relaxation.

Snow cabins

The benefits of heat-based treatments such as saunas are well documented. But in many Nordic countries, the cold is equally important. Hence the development of today’s ‘Snow cabins’ – chilled to minus temperatures, they’re said to stimulate circulation and boost metabolism.

Salt caves

Increasingly popular worldwide, the Salt Cave is becoming a must-have for more and more luxury spas. jacuzzi tubs is common in Eastern Europe, where salt is thought to have powerful health-giving properties. Enthusiasts claim that an hour in a Salt Cave can improve breathing, circulation and more. The secret? Salt’s anti-bacterial qualities and benefits of micro-minerals.

Relaxation pods

Relaxation pods come in all shapes and sizes, from enclosed seats that aid meditation to hi-tech flotation tanks. Offering customers complete seclusion, they’re ergonomically designed to provide maximum peace and comfort.

Bath and shower

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